India is well-known for its varied traditions and culture, but it is also prominent for housing some of the most wonderful places to visit on earth. That being said, the best trekking places in Uttarakhand are very prominent for two reasons, firstly owing to the breathtaking picturesque Himalayan ranges and secondly, for encouraging adventure tourism. Trekking places in Uttarakhand for long has been one of the foremost recreational adventure sports for the wonderful state, fascinating the visitors in heavy numbers each year. The Himalayan range in the state of Uttarakhand is classified into two regions, the Garhwal Himalayas and Kumaon Himalayas. And each trekking across Uttarakhand has its own serendipity. 

Uttarakhand is home to some of the most prevalent, most challenging as well as stunning and holy peaks across the country, ranging in millions, making it the go-to destination for both experienced trekkers and first-timers. Further, crossing amidst the foggy mountains, green meadows and holy rivers, each trek across Uttarakhand will show you an exclusive and never-seen astounding place. Adventurers seeking some amity in life can escape the hustle and bustle of city life to relish some pristine time in the forests.

Most of the trekking trails/routes across this region take you through the dense forests, crossing rogue rivers, pilgrimage sites, lush green valleys, and all the way up to some high-altitude mountains from where the entire snow-capped mountain peaks are noticeable.
Almost all the trekking places in Uttarakhand are as surreal as it gets and thus, one of the very unsurpassed places to visit if you are up for some adrenaline-increasing adventure tourism. 

Not only has this, this place is not solely well-known for religious and spiritual attractions, but also brings plenty of astonishing activities along the way! It’s a destination for mountaineering, hiking, trekking, skiing, camping, rock climbing, and paragliding around north India. It’s also well-known as trekkers paradise with best treks in Uttarakhand for beginners as well as experienced individuals alike. 


Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers is considered to be one of those treks which propose the most dazzling and enchanting of all the thrilling activities and experiences in the state of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. The valley of flowers is covered with colorful blossoms and a variety of flowers. Moreover, it is one to witness and is heaven for photo enthusiasts. By Frank Smith, the valley was discovered in 1913, a colorful botanist, mountaineer and adventurer, and the locals still believe it is the home of fairies and angels. 

For beginners, the valley of flowers trekking in Uttarakhand is the finest option for those who are looking for a relatively easy and short and best trek in Uttarakhand, filled with the beauty and serenity of nature, proposing charming views for the several varieties of flowers. 

After reaching the plains, click lots of photos with flowers, butterflies, and birds. Also, it is one of the best treks in Uttarakhand to go to throughout the Monsoon season. With the summers melting the snow, the colorful beauty of the place gets exposed. The duration of the trek is 6 to 7 days and there is no housing facility up there.


Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is one of the prominent trekking places in Uttarakhand for adventure seekers which starts at an elevation of 12,500 feet. The summit climb is one of the more compelling causes to embark on this trek. 

The Kedarkantha trek is one of the most renowned and best treks in Uttarakhand for beginners. You can begin the trek from a village named Sankri. The trek proposes a 360-degree view of the attractive Himalayan mountains from the top. The striking beauty of the pine trees and falling snow during winters, lush green insights, frozen ponds, and various variabilities of flora and fauna adds more to its charm. The trek deceits in the western Garhwal of Uttarkashi district. 

Furthermore, the magnificence of the insight is doubled by the ‘Juda Ka Talab’ known for its enchanting aura that brightens the trekking experience. Mounting to the top, by the time you reach Kedarkantha peak, you will feel as if you’ve touched the sky! The trek is renowned for its exceptional beauty with snow-clad mountains, and rare biodiversity. The attractiveness of the trek is a delight for the eyes, and is worth staying at least twice or maybe more.


Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedartal trek is for devotees of adventure. It is for those trekkers who have done a substantial amount of Himalayan treks and now want to drive themselves. It is a problematic trekking place, with a truly charming experience to give in return for all the effort. 

The trek climbs to the glacial Kedartal lake, sitting amid the cauldron of big mountains.  Celebrated mountains of our country rise up in front of you in this cauldron – Mt Thalay Sagar, Mt Bhrigupanth, Manda Parvat, Mt Jogin, and Mt Gangotri.  You camp in the shadow of the enormous Mt Thalaysagar and Mt Bhrigupanth. 

The Kedartal Trek deceives in the state of Uttarakhand. It starts and ends at the pilgrim town of Gangotri. It is a 50 km trek trekked over 4 days (7 days involving a drive to and from the trek, and an acclimatization day) across the Himalayas. It is a problematic trek that should be endeavored only by experienced trekkers. 

Furthermore, the trek is filled with breathtaking sights and difficult terrain to follow but also exhilarating trails. This is why it is one of the most significant trekking routes in Uttarakhand. It is enclosed by the Thalay Sagar Bhrigu path, join peaks, and several other Himalayas peaks. The route also had an assortment of wildlife to be spotted throughout the treks like Blue sheep, Goral, Himalayan black bears, and countless more. 


har ki dun

 Situated at a height of 3566 m across the Western Ganges of the Garhwal Himalayas, Hanging valley of Gods, also well-known as Har ki Doon, is a modest trek, offers a delightful experience to the trekker. This cradle-shaped valley is encircled by sparkling peaks and dense forests. Make your Summer Vacations in the Devbhoomi Uttarakhand more exhilarating by unveiling the secrets of the inhabitants who reside across the valley and still practice polygamy and worship Duryodhana, a Kaurawa brother from Mahabharata, as their divinity.

While experiencing this trekking place, one can enjoy the attractive view of the Tons River Valley which is enclosed by highlands and dense woodlands. This is one of the best trekking places in Uttarakhand which is supreme to visit pre and post-monsoon. Throughout the pre-monsoon spring months individuals can observe the mountain birds. After the monsoon season, the place is sanctified with flora which is another good-looking sight.

Furthermore, throughout this trek, explorers will get to observe the beautiful Tons River valley which is bordered by highlands and dense woodlands. The pre-monsoon spring months are ideal for bird observers and the post-monsoon blossoming season is suggested for flora lovers. 


Dayara Bugyal Trek

hundreds of years, sheepmen have been taking their flock to graze at the Dayara Bugyal. Time and again, they have come back with the stories of plenty of fresh, soft grass and the splendor of the mighty Himalayan Mountain mountaintops cradling the meadows.

When explorers reached Dayara Bugyal, they found the meadows precisely as the shepherds described – only, more good-looking. The multiple trails that they discovered leading to the trails turned out to be even more worthwhile. With impressive mountain views and clear water bodies strewn in the meadows, this turned out to be one of the best treks in Uttarakhand.

Additionally, the Dayara Bugyal trek is at a height of 3,408 meters above sea level and is measured to be one of the most attractive treks in Haridwar. The trek will take you through lush green meadows where you will find shepherds and woolen lambs passing by. You will also come across perfumed forests with sunlight filtering through the maple trees. All this makes this one of the best trekking places in Uttarakhand. Not only has this, but it is also one of the famous solo treks in Uttarakhand, the Dayara Bugyal trek takes you through some of the most attractive trails in Haridwar. Discover the lush green meadows crawling with lambs, the fragrant forests, and serenity all across. 


Rudranath Trek

Rudranath temple is the hardest one to reach in comparison with other temples of Panch Kedar. The Himalayan peaks adding to the magnificence of Rudranath are Nanda Devi, Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. 

It is situated across the Himalayan mountains, the Rudranath Temple is considered a modest to the difficult trek of 20 km long (total 40 km). Whenever you make a journey to Rudranath temple, make sure that you are bodily fit and healthy. If you have breathing or any other type of disease that causes struggle in breathing, then you should not travel to Rudranath temple on foot. 

This natural rock temple is located within a dense forest of rhododendron dwarfs and Alpine meadows. The temple is the third of five Shiva temples across the Garhwal region that makes up the Panch Kedar pilgrimage circuit. Here, the divinity Shiva’s face is revered as “Neelakantha Mahadeva.” The Pandavas are said to have built the temple after the prodigious Mahabharata war. It is supposed that after the war, the Pandavas left their supremacy in search of atonement, and in the procedure, they attempted to seek forgiveness from Lord Shiva.

During this trek in Uttarakhand, there are some places on the way where you can rest for some duration and you will also get the capability of breakfast and food. Apart from this, the inhabitants have also made small eateries and restaurants throughout the trek, in which you can stay overnight by paying just some rent. Most of the amenities you get during the Rudranath trek are delivered by the residents so that they can make your Rudranath Yatra informal and earn a living for their own family.



It is tough to trek during the winter season but we take dissimilar trek routes to trek your most well-known & popular Chandrashila-Tungnath trek. Autumn and winter treks are the most prevalent. If you want to feel your innermost adventurer part, this trek will put your foster to work. Get ready to drop yourself in the mighty Himalayas.

Plenty of greenery across the forests, bird watching and a grand summit climb are the major heights of Deoriatal Chandrashila peak Trek. Devariyatal and Chandrashila Trek with village Chopta is one of the shortest and best treks in Uttarakhand, offering breathtaking views of the surroundings. The first half of the trek takes you to Devariyatal, at an altitude of 2438 m above sea level.

From the Chaukhamba Peak up till the lake, savor the picture of the environment in the mirror-like water. Endure towards Chopta through lush meadows amongst the Himalayas. The way then takes you to the Tungnath temple- the world’s greatest Lord Shiva temple. Spot interesting flora and fauna, as you walk along catching the insights of Bandarpoonch peak, Kedar Peak, and Chaukhamba peak. After a km-long trek from the temple, you reach the Chandrashila peak summit. The panorama across here is magical making it the best trek in Uttarakhand near Delhi.


Pindari Glacier Trek

This trek is the only trek cited that heads into the Kumaon part of the Garhwal Himalayas. It’s a remarkable trek through a wild region that offers incredible views of Nanda Devi, Trishul and Nanda Kot, some of the highest peaks in this part of the Himalayas. It’s a six-day trek along the banks of the Pindari River to the glacier.  This trekking place is only moderately tough and locals hold the trek in high accord.

Not only has this, but the Pindari Glacier trek also takes you on an enthralling walk that will make you fall for its beauty promptly. The glacier is approximately 9 Km long and is well-matched for families. The inspiring views of the snow-capped peaks, calm lakes as well as delightful wooden bridges, all add to the spiritual aura of this trek.

When you go on the Pindari Glacier hike, you will be enclosed by stunning and calm lakes with crystal clear waters, snow-covered Himalayan peaks, and delightful wooden bridges, all of which underwrite a mystic and exciting experience. The villages individuals meet on the Pindari Glacier trek are small and populated by individuals who take hospitality to fresh heights. Learn about the lifestyle and customs of surrounding locations. Trekking to Pindari Glacier proposes a variety of scenery and is an ideal place for those looking to relish nature as it is.



Chopta Chandrashila Trek is one of the best treks in Uttarakhand. Take this one-day summer trek to observe the highest Shiva Temple in the world at Tungnath – this trek is comparatively easy. Enjoy spectacular views of the Himalayas along the way which you are sure to treasure forever.

Furthermore, Chopta is such a fine and delightful village in Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary and is well-known as the “Mini Switzerland of India”. From the highest of Chopta, enjoy some countless views of Nanda Devi Peak, Kedarnath Peak, etc. Also, through the Chopta trek, you can reach the Tungnath temple, the uppermost Shiva temple in the world.

Also, there is a well-paved yet steep path with 11 scissor bends that is doable until you reach the Tungnath; however, trekking ways from the temple to Chandrashila is quite deadly and essential for physical fitness. Overall, the trekking experience will be very pleasant and full of adventures.

Nothing can be amazing more than trekking in Uttarakhand with friends. Embark on any of these treks for getting the appealing beauty of nature.