Uttarakhand is the only region that many plan a trip to for a rapid yet satisfying gateway, precisely since you get a chance to gaze endlessly at the mighty Himalayas and escalate the breathtaking environments of the state. While, the hill stations in Uttarakhand propose the amazing views of snow-clad mountains in the winter season, similar places serve as the summer escapades; away from the scorching summer temperature in the plains. 

In addition, the state is the adobe of some of the best hill station in Uttarakhand propose a variety of experiences that involve the relaxing nature walk, trekking, watersports, kid-friendly activities, and even activities such as birdwatching and skiing for the visitors. 

The state is home to beautiful rivers, holy peaks, and quaint lakes. Not only has this, but it is also laced with high-altitude hiking trails and twisting roads that lead to prominent places of pilgrimage. 

If you have been looking at the hill station of Uttarakhand but have not been able to make up your mind, then this blog should assist ease your confusion. The famous hill stations of Uttarakhand are involved in Uttarakhand holiday packages that cover a lot of attractions. Going for such a tour package will make trip planning the slightest of your queries. The fact is that there are several hill stations nearby Uttarakhand, both prominent and underrated ones that highlight its natural beauty in their own unique manner. From trekking to mountain biking, from rappelling to paragliding, and from camping to jet skiing; Uttarakhand proposes all of these and many more.

Hill stations in Uttarakhand to visit involve Auli, Nainital, Mussoorie, and Ranikhet among others. Auli is lesser-known tourist place across Uttarakhand. Therefore, it is the faultless destination for a getaway as it incorporates a balance between tranquillity and amusement. Here are the best hill stations in Uttarakhand you must check out:



Mussoorie, also well-known as Queen of the Hills, is among the most prominent hill stations of the country. Go on a romantic trip to hill station or plan a solo trip or even ask you relative or friend to join you in this fascinating experience. The scenes of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and the Doon Valley make for an excellent sight, which means ‘weekend plans don’t right. Even in the hot summer months, the climate of the cooler and the mountain breeze propose a respite from the city life and are just enough for a weekend full of fun. 

What left? You can go for a walk across Camel’s Back Road or see the Kempty Falls or just purchase some local souvenirs from Mall Road. The hill station houses some of the finest educational institutions in the state and has good cafes. It has old taverns, estates and churches. A faultless honeymoon destination or just a weekend getaway, Mussoorie is all you want! 

The hill station in Uttarakhand serves as a gateway to Gangotri and Yamunotri. It entails of several temples, falls, and lakes. It is a residence of trekking trails. The quiet charm and amusing history Mussoorie possess will leave you mesmerized. The beauty of Mussoorie washes over you resounding away all your city blues. 



Auli is the best hill station in Uttarakhand and a prominent winter destination as the ski resort of India, well-known for its snowy slopes, Auli has everything that a perfect tourist dreamed for like Meadows, Himalayan Views, Adventure activities, cable cars, Romantic vistas and many more. 

With slopes and meadows flanked by condensed vegetation of the oak and coniferous, it is hard to define the beauty of this hill station in Uttarakhand. Auli is a part of the Chamoli district in Uttarakhand in North India and is well-known worldwide as one of the finest destinations for skiing in India.

Not only has this, but there are also several recreational activities other than skiing that will keep you demanding throughout your tour of Auli. Excursions to nearby places such as Valley of Flowers, Nanda Devi Sanctuary, and Gurson Bugyal are prodigious sources of interest amongst travelers. Similarly, trekking excursions from Auli can provide visitors with experiences for life long. There are a number of attractions here at the hill station likewise Hanuman Temple, Trishul Peak, Artificial Lake, and Nanda Devi Peak. 



Nainital, the attractive Himalayan Lake-town, is a picture-postcard famous hill station of Uttarakhand and one of the most prevalent in Northern India. Commonly well-known as the ‘Lake District, Nainital is nestled high up across the Kumaon Himalayas at an altitude of approximately 2,000 m above sea level. This attractive town is surrounded by seven hills, prevalently well-known as ‘Sapta-Shring’ – Ayarpata, Alma, Deopata, Naina, Handi-Bandi, Lariya-Kanta and Sher-Ka-Danda.

The Lake District has something to propose to everyone who goes there. A trip to the Jim Corbett National Park, Naina Devi temple and the Snow Viewpoint is a must. Apart from it, shopping across the Tibetan Market, ambling on the Mall Road, sightseeing, cable car trip to Snow View Point and hiking up to the Tiffin Top and Naina Peak (China Peak) are some of the entertaining things to do in Nainital on your holiday. But rest guaranteed, there’s still a lot to do and discover.

Depending upon what motivates more a tourist, the place garbs itself in a flawless host. Bound by the beautiful peaks, lush greenery, valleys, and Ballia River, the city is unscrupulous in delivering a soul-rejuvenating experience. Ride a boat in the lake and the feeling comes sturdier than ever. Determining to spend holidays in Nainital can leave tickles in memories for the life. 



Tehri Garhwal is one of the blessed hilly districts of Uttarakhand State. Before the conception of the universe, Lord Brahma is said to have contemplated on this sacred land.

Decorated by an emerald reservoir that is molded by the cascading of the Bhagirathi and Bhilangana rivers, New Tehri is an attractive place to see in Uttarakhand. The city is also the headquarters of Tehri Garhwal District, and thus, seems of more importance to the state. For tourists, apart from its impressive dam, the city proposes watersports like jet skiing. There are a few Hindu temples that dot the city and enhance an aura of spirituality.

Tehri Dam is said to be the biggest dam in the country. As stated above, Tehri, which sits at the convergence of river Bhagirathi and Bhilangna, has another extension of the town which is well-known as the New Tehri. This hill station in Uttarakhand is quite famous amongst tourists for its attractive landscape and natural beauty. 

Tourists come to look the solace and escape from the worldly life of pain and suffering. Individuals head to Tehri in quest of peace and spiritual growth. Make sure to keep this town on your trip!



Ranikhet is home to several sunset points, from where one can see a magnificent sunset. Individuals generally trek up to these points to feel a gush of the cool Himalayan wind and relish the most photogenic sunset from here. 

This hill station in Uttarakhand, literally meaning – Queens Land, is an all-season tourist spot for the devotees of the natural beauty. Ranikhet is a place that replicates the finest of the great Himalayas. 

Literally indicates Queen’s meadow, the place has an attractive tale through which it got its name. An attractive Indian queen visited here and was fascinated by the exquisiteness of this town. The place allures tourists to this place every year to condense with the unforgettable experience of natural core and exquisiteness. Waking up to the noise of birds, the sweet-smelling cologne of flora, the salubrious climate, and several more appeals of this make it an idyllic place for travelers.

It is supposed that Ranikhet truly takes out the finest of the Himalayas. Well, here is your answer to getting closest to the Himalayas. Not only has this, Ranikhet with its cool climate and simple natural beauty can freshen up your minds to the very essentials. 



Chakrata started off as the cantonment for British Army in India, but as with any key place in Uttarakhand, its scenic beauty made it a well-known tourist destination soon. Lying between Tons and Yamuna rivers, it is embellished by Himachal Pradesh on the west and Mussoorie to the east and therefore the hill stations near Chakrata are several. 

Chakrata, with its laid-back yet enjoyable ambiance, proposes a sweeping view of the Yamuna Valley below. There are a few charming tree-lined paths that visitors can discover. For those watching for snowy adventure, the Kharamba Peak awaits. At approximately 10,000 m above sea level, it is one of the maximums of its kind in the area. Guests can also partake in skiing on the Chakrata’s northern slopes. 

Unlike normal treks Chakrata trek involves many places such as waterfalls, sunset views, exploring caves, enthralling sceneries for trekkers as well as a nature walk.

The best duration to visit Chakrata is between April and June, and from September to November. In the rainy season, the directions tend to become slippery and are prone to landslides. Throughout winter, the temperature can incline as low as negative 5 degrees C.



Dhanaulti is the most famous Himalayan Hills Station in Uttarakhand and is prominent as the stronghold of natural treasures. From all corners of the globe, lovers come here with several aims. Whereas it can be a destination in itself, it’s more of a tranquil pit stop for visitors heading for lengthier journeys or leisure Uttarakhand holidays. Thus, places to visit in Dhanaulti are not any outstanding attractions, but small and beautiful places that propose solitude and peace, close to nature. 

Holiday in Dhanaulti is finest throughout winters when the place turns into an ice blanket with flakes of snow depositing on the branches of trees to match its hue with the adjacent. In summer, Dhanaulti boasts a flourishing of rhododendrons, lush deodar, and oak trees encircled in the tranquilizing charm. Indeed, this scenic little place is measured one of the phenomenal points of tourists’ interest in Uttarakhand. 

Furthermore, Dhanaulti is sanctified with some of the finest and most outstanding resorts and hotels falling light on the pockets. Whereas, among the smart stay choices, there are countless economical lodges, and homestay if you want to experience regional life. Apart from this, one also has the choice of staying in Mussoorie and Kanatal, both of which are located quite close to Dhanaulti.  



Chopta is a famous hill station of Uttarakhand and an outstanding trekking destination in Uttarakhand. Enclosed by meadows and evergreen forests with remarkable views of mighty Himalayan assortments, Chopta not only fascinates Indian but international tourists and trekkers all-round the year. Chopta is the base for numerous trekking destinations such as Tungnath, Chandrashila and many more.

Chopta is at the epicentre of Panch Kedar – the five most sacred Shiva temples across the state. On its left are positioned Kedarnath and Madmaheshwar shrines and on the right, are Rudranath and Kalpeshwar, and just above it, Tungnath temple. Chopta is birding heaven and you can see over 240 species of birds here, involving native and migratory species such as Himalayan monal, Himalayan swiftlet, Himalayan griffon, scarlet finch, hill partridge, and so on.

However, what makes Chopta quite a prevalent travel place across Uttarakhand is the fact that it is the base point of the renowned and sacred temple of Tungnath, which by the way is the uppermost Shiva Temple in India. 



In Pauri Garhwal, Khirsu is a beautiful hill station. When it comes to going to the mountains in India, several travelers and individuals who visit Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand come to mind. Those who are wanderers describe the Himachal as more attractive.

Away from best hill stations in Uttarakhand, this village proposes a simplistic and holistic vacation surrounded by unfamiliar virgin Nature and utmost serenity which will wash away all your pressures and worries and rejuvenate your mind completely. Apart from the impressive view of the Himalayas and lush green meadows and the valleys, Khirsu: an unseen gem of Pauri Garhwal also has some really attractive spots that you must visit. 

Moreover, it is situated at an elevation of 1,700 m above sea level in the Pauri Garhwal district, Khirsu is unquestionably one of the most beautiful hill stations in Uttarakhand. The mountain peaks are enclosed in forests of Oak & Deodar trees. The destination captivates travelers with the views of the central Himalayas and the several temples found in & across the hill town. 



Pauri is a well-known location for adventure sports such as paragliding and trekking. The trekking trail begins from Lansdowne to Pauri. Blessed with several temples such as Kandoliya, Kyonkaleswar Mahadeva, Nagdev, Hanumaan, Lakshmi-Narayan, and many more. Pauri is also a protruding pilgrimage destination. Pauri is a decent place to shop for handicrafts. Upper Bazaar, Lower Bazaar and Dhara Road are the celebrated shopping centers in Pauri.

This hill station in Uttarakhand is renowned for its places.  Some of the tourist, who frequently visits this city, goes to their fixed place of interest.  Another well-known hill station Khirsu is positioned just adjacent to Pauri.  The major Kandoliya hills are just 2 kilometers far positioned from Pauri.  A very dense forestry and luxurious greenery is sufficient enough to fascinate a visitor.  At this place, a temple of the Kandoliya God is also located.

Although Pauri can be visited any time of the year, it tends to get tremendously cold during December- February with temperatures dropping below zero. Summers in Pauri are enjoyable. March- November is the finest time to visit Pauri